What Every Zodiac Sign Wants in Love


Philosophers say that love is the all-encompassing and creative force in the Universe. As beings living in sync and harmony with the rhythm of space and the stars, we are moved by this force. Every zodiac sign - the sign that each individual is ruled by, dictates the person's needs in the various aspects of this feeling.


Aries require honesty and love. Lies, even well-intentioned ones, hurt them. A relationship with Aries calls for openness.


For those born under the sign of Taurus, what's important is gentleness. Arrogance and roughness repel them. They give gentleness and caring and require the same.


Constant communication with their partner is the solid foundation that keeps Geminis' relationship going. There are no taboo subjects for them, while the suspicion of kept secrets is the one thing that can end a relationship with a representative of this sign.



Monogamy and caring for the family is the important thing for every representative of the sign of Cancer. They love to care for their partner but also yearn for the same.


Leos want to be at the forefront, to be loved and to keep their freedom to some extent. Passion and exciting feelings are the things that can keep them in a relationship.


Goodness and sincerity are the foundations for a successful relationship with a Virgo. Companionship and support are the things that every representative of the sign needs.


Harmony is the deciding factor for every representative of Libra. They're looking for the person that can maintain the balance between love and common sense in them.


Without sincerity, a Scorpio feels empty. He does not like having secrets between himself and his partner because he demands a passionate and honest relationship.



Sagittarii love challenges. There's no obstacle that can stand between them and their final goal. Act generously toward them and you will be treated the same way.


A Capricorn's love needs to be earned. If that happens, they can be devoted to you entirely, as long as you are too.


Every representative of the sign of Aquarius wants a bright, bubbly persona by his side, to contrast with his own. Partners that don't stand out have no chance with this sign.


Pisces are the most vulnerable representatives of all the signs. They need gentleness and protection in love. That means having a partner that's compassionate, that protects and comforts them. They also love romantic surprises.

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