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What the Zodiac Signs Should Expect This Week in Love

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The days from the 4th to the 10th August will prompt every sign of the zodiac towards more romance. There will be no lack of disappointments as well but the star map will encourage us to share more.

Aries - You reevaluate your relationship

For those who have been a couple for a long time, this week is ideal for becoming even closer with your partner. You will have need of a friend's support in the coming days. There is a possibility that you will reevaluate the relationship you find yourself in.

For those who have recently found a partner, complications in your relationship will arise on Friday and many of your desires will not be implemented.


Taurus - You are more in love than ever

This week, Taureans will be more deeply in love than ever before and will dedicate themselves fully to their partner. Together you will pursue common dreams which will have quite a positive influence on your relations.

Singles from this zodiac sign will have to lower their criteria if they want to find a partner.

Gemini - Disappointments in love

Disappointments in love are awaiting Geminis. You will have need of friends to give you advice in order to get through this difficult period. If you've been in a relationship for a few years, it would be nice for you to turn to romance to get over the monotonous everyday routine.

Cancer - You form strong bonds with your partner

You will feel highly attracted to your partner, both spiritually and sexually. In the coming days both of you will form a strong emotional bond, which will be augmented by the numerous romantic gestures.

For singles, the week presents the perfect opportunities for finding love.


Leo - A week of challenges

The week will not be easy for you. This Sunday, the full moon will be in Aquarius, and Saturn will fall into an unfavorable position, making you face great challenges.

Expect problems in the family, which will be solved only if you manage to find a compromise. Single Leos can expect only short-term flings.

Virgo - Excellent communication with your partner

The communication between you and your partner this week will rise to a higher level. Together you will discuss your hopes and dreams, and your beloved may pleasantly surprise you with a romantic gesture.

Libra - Go to a social event

The planets advise you to go to a social event with your partner at the end of the week. The full moon on Sunday will fill your day with romance.

For single Libras, the week won't be easy, especially if they have recently gone through a love disappointment.

Scorpio - You meet a person that arouses your interest

In the next few days, single Scorpios will meet a person who will strongly spark their interest. This will happen by Thursday at the latest and the planetary aspects advise you not to miss the chance that fate presents you.

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Sagittarius - You will meet the right person

If you're single, you will meet a person appropriate for you this week. Even though you won't have many common interests, you will be able to discuss all kinds of subjects with them.

Sagittarii that are in a relationship must think well on whether they've become a victim of manipulation of their partner.

Capricorn - You find the balance you've been seeking

Starting this Friday, love will head in a new direction for you. File you will find the balance you've been seeking, which will stabilize your relationship with your beloved.

It's likely that single Capricorns are harboring hopes for a specific person. The planets advise you to reveal your feelings only when you are certain that they are mutual.

Aquarius - Harmony with your partner

Throughout the entire week you will have excellent communication with your partner. Your hopes and dreams are shared, making you feel in complete harmony.

The only exception is Friday, when you may feel that you're losing the support of your partner.

Pisces - You will receive a material acquisition

You've been dreaming of a journey to an exotic destination with your beloved for so very long. This week your desire for a perfect romantic relationship will intensify but the only thing you will get from your partner is a material acquisition.



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