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What Summer Will be Like for Each Zodiac Sign


For some zodiac signs, the upcoming summer will be loaded with love and romance, while others will need to focus more on their career.

Aries - a new love is on the way

Up until August 11, Jupiter will be traversing in your 5th house, activating love, passion, creativity and romance. It's possible for you to find a new love this summer but you'll have to be ready for the big changes that your partner will bring in your life.

Taurus - don't repeat the same old mistakes

Your intellectual potential will be activated in the coming summer, helping you quickly handle anything that needs doing. Try not to repeat old mistakes and get ready for many novelties in your life. The period up till August 11 will be suitable for obtaining a new property or to begin making attempts to increase the size of your family.


Gemini - you'll be filled with new ideas

This summer you'll be filled with new ideas and the enthusiasm to realize them. Share your dreams and expect aid in fulfilling them. During the summer months you will have to make an important decision regarding your personal or professional life.

Cancer - be bold and you'll have more money

One of the most profitable periods of the year lies ahead for you. To earn more you will need to step away from the peace and security that you so love and risk more. Don't be afraid because only by having more decisiveness will you succeed.

Leo - accomplishments in your career lie ahead


The advice for you this summer is to focus more on your career because you'll be given the opportunity to make a lot of headway in this field. You just have to demonstrate your gifts in the best way possible. If you don't have a job yet, summer is the time to find the perfect position for you.

Virgo - seek more peacefulness

Don't rush into anything this summer, curb your ambitions and rest more. Stop trying to control others, instead try to get in touch with people you haven't talked to in awhile. Summer is also appropriate for dedicating yourself to creativity.

Libra - you'll create new friendships

This summer Jupiter will be traversing your 11th house, making even more social. You'll forge new friendships and have a lot of fun during the summer season. You'll also be successful if you work in the field of the internet and new technologies.

Scorpio - be more confident and you'll have more luck

This summer will be one of your luckiest so far, as long as you don't let the little things affect your self confidence. The months to come require you to be more confident and not hesitate about your actions.

Sagittarius - a summer of life lessons to come


The summer of 2015 will not at all be pleasant for you. You'll be accompanied by a series of grievances and huge disappointments but thanks so them you will learn important life lessons. However, travels will raise your spirits throughout the summer months.

Capricorn - you will be drawn to the spiritual

In the summer to come you'll be strongly drawn to the spiritual. You may visit places filled with mystery. There won't be a lack of obstacles in the coming season but you'll be able to overcome them if you use a bit more imagination and a creative mindset.

Aquarius - you have the opportunity to get rich

This summer will give you the opportunity to get rich but you need to avoid manipulation and people who seem dishonest. A brand new stage is to come in your romantic relationship and you may conceive a child, especially in the last days of summer.

Pisces - you'll be repaid for past favors

Your efforts will be rewarded this coming summer if you've been selfless in your actions and intentions. The months in which you've tried to help and care for others will be rewarded with a favor or money. This summer, a real rise in your career begins.