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The Fatal 13th Zodiac Sign


There is one constellation that is missing from the list of zodiac constellations, despite the fact that the Sun passes through it. This is the Ophiuchus.

Ophiuchus (latin Ophiuchus) is surrounded by Scorpius, Serpens and Hercule. This is one of the few constellations in the sky, in which so many double stars are found.

Even though its existence has been known about for a long time, astrologers have stubbornly refused to accept that persons born in the period November 30 - December 19 are not simply strange Scorpios and Sagittarians, but Ophiuchii.


Whether it's because of horoscope calculations and the alignment of the zodiac signs to the number of months in the year is more convenient or simply due to superstition, you won't find an astrologer that will prepare a horoscope for this strange and fatal 13th sign.

The name of the constellation is related to the god-healer in Greek mythology - Asclepius. Asclepius is the result of the love between Apollo and the nymph Coronis.

When Coronis betrayed Apollo, he killed her to get revenge, and handed the child to the wise centaur Chiron. It was Chiron who taught Asclepius the secrets of the art of healing.


But the prolific efficiency and confidence of Asclepius led to his tragic end. The healer decided not only to heal mortals but to resurrect them and thus brought about the wrath of Zeus the Thunderer. He struck him down with lightning and moved him to the sky.

The symbol of the Ophiuchus constellation includes in it 2 extremes, 2 snakes in 2 colors - black and white, which connect with the 2 surrounding signs.

The snake with the black head connects with the last 7 degrees of Scorpio, and the other snake - the silver (or white) connects with the first 7 degrees of Sagittarius and forms the so-called Via Combusta - "The Burning Way".

Scorpio Zodiac

Those born under this sign are marked by a significant duality. They are contrasting and contradictory - in the physical and in the spiritual sense. Their character is unpredictable. They often spend their days, sometimes even years in subjugation to destructive emotions. Periods of pessimism alternate with periods of happiness in life.

The partnership with a person of this zodiac sign is both a blessing and a curse. Relations with an Ophiuchus are intense, blazingly passionate and short-lasting. The person who worshiped the very earth under your feet until yesterday, will look upon you with icy indifference today.

The typical Ophiuchus is capable of going up against anyone and anything. These types of people are not afraid to forsake everything they've achieved and done so far and start from scratch.

Representatives of the fatal zodiac sign will go through heaven and hell to help you and then abandon you quite unexpectedly.

The only sure thing about members of this sign is that they will always manage to surprise you. Whether that surprise will be pleasant depends solely on which snake has its head turned toward you.