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How Many Times We Will Truly Fall in Love - Depends on the Zodiac Sign

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Falling in love

Astrology experts believe that every person has a specific fate in love, which depends on their zodiac sign to a great extent. Our sign shows us how many times we can expect true love.

Aries - will truly fall in love 3 times in life

Representatives of the sign of Aries are skeptical when it comes to love. For them, it is typical to fall in love 3 times in their lives, with the first time being out of curiosity. The second and third times Aries falls in love, however, are genuinely strong.

Taurus - can truly love only once

Whenever representatives of the sign Taurus fall in love, they can spend their entire life with the source of their feelings, without having any doubts. If they are hurt even once, they are not capable of loving as much as the first time.

Gemini - has 3 loves in life

Representatives of Gemini tend to seek their ultimate love till the end. Most often, love comes to them 3 times, with them thinking that they have found the right person each time.


Cancer - falls in love twice throughout life

Members of the sign of Cancer can only fall in love twice in life. If they are left disappointed by their first love, they tend to spend great amounts of time looking for a new partner, but when they them, they give their whole being.

Leo - can always fall in love

Leos dedicate themselves to each new love. They are conquerors and are not afraid of fully engaging in each new relationship, even if there is a risk of them being deceived or hurt.

Virgo - can truly love only twice

Virgos are very suspicious and distrustful love partners. They can only fall in love twice in life because they have a hard time completely letting someone into their world.

Libra - they always fall in love

Libra is the other sign besides Leo, who can truly love every new partner. Even if they have grieved in their last breakup, they are ready to start their new relationship on a clean plate.

Scorpio - falls in love truly only once


Scorpios can have many relationships and adventures but can truly fall in love only once. With them, relations are not only physical but deeply emotional, and the most covert representatives of the zodiac have a hard time building such relationships with just anyone.

Sagittarius - has 4 loves in life

Sagittarians are among the signs experienced in love, who can fall in love 4 times throughout life. But in order to remain with someone longer, they must learn to make compromises.

Capricorn - can fall in love 5 times

Representatives of Capricorn can genuinely fall in love 5 times in their life. But because of their strong possessive nature, they are the zodiac sign that is most broken up with.

Aquarius - falls in love thrice

Aquarians have 3 loves in their life, with the partners they cheat with being included in this number. Members of Aquarius tend to look for their ideal partner all their lives.

Pisces - has one great love

Representatives of Pisces can truly fall in love with only one person in their entire lives. Once they find their partner, they do not let them leave.