Hobbit Skeletons Prove They Were not Fictional Creatures

Hobbit Skulls
Picture: TelegraphCoUk

Hobbits are not made-up creatures of fantasy but really did exist. This theory was proven by the skeletons of 3 hobbits found in Indonesia, that lived 700 000 years ago.

The remains were of an adult and 2 children, while scientists think they belong to the Flores Man species - a predecessor of Homo Sapiens. They have been likened to hobbits due to their short height.

One of the scientific theories claims that the ancestors of the hobbits were taller, with their height similar to that of modern man but for reasons currently unknown to science, their height began to decrease.

The process began after they settled in the Indonesian island of Flores approximately 1 million years ago.

The theories also state that the first hominids of the species Homo Erectus settled on that same Indonesian island, who were also shorter than their predecessors due to the limited resources on the island.

The hobbits' remains also indicate that their height decreased at much faster rates than was known to science so far.

Hobbit Skeletons
Picture: TelegraphCoUk

The find reveals that Homo Erectus would've dwindled down to the size of the hobbits in about 300 years.

It was in fact in 2003, on the Indonesian island of Flores, that scientists first found the bones of a mysterious, miniature-sized humanoid, which they called the "Flores Man" or "Homo floresiensis".

But there is still debate among scientists whether it should be labeled as a separate biological species.

These hobbits are posited to have inhabited the island of Flores for a period of 100 000 years. They went extinct about 15 000 to 18 000 years ago.

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