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Vampires found in Bulgaria

Vampire Grave in Bulgaria

Vampires existed and this was certainly demonstrated during archaeological excavations in Bulgaria. The first skeleton of a vampire in the country is already out in the National History Museum and everyone can see it.

The skeleton of the vampire was found during excavations in Sozopol. During the research behind Sozopol’s "St. Nikolai", archaeologists came across a very interesting finding.

The skeleton was discovered in a tomb, which is seven centuries old, but do not know whom it belonged to. The chest of the skeleton has a stake, just as was done, so vampires can not come out of their grave and attack people and animals.

However, the skeleton was buried behind the church, which was considered a great honor in the Middle Ages. It is unclear whether he was stabbed with a stake before the funeral or has been unearthed from the grave and then was stabbed in the chest.

In Sozopol were found graves, whose number exceeds seven hundred and there were buried nobles. Except the male skeleton, whose breast had a stake, another one was found next to it, which belonged to a woman.

Her breasts also had a stake. Historians say she was punished with her husband without being clearly shown whether she was a vampire or not. Currently, specialists are working on the restoration of the faces of the vampires to see how they looked in life.

Along with archaeological excavations, where the skeletons of vampire family were discovered, many say this is obvious evidence that the Romanian Count Dracula, known for his bloody rituals was Bulgarian.

After the finding in Sozopol, in Burgas’ Debelt village skeletons of vampires were also found - this time eighteen in number. They were nailed to the coffins with the stakes and a few of the skeletons found belonged to children.

The skeletons were of people who lived in the middle of the fourth century. According to experts, their relatives have them pierced with stakes to prevent their resurrection after a funeral.



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28.11.2012 05:13
In these times, people had heard of others' family members rising and feeding off of people and animals. And when these rumours came about, people would dig up their dead and find bloated stomachs and blood running from their mouths. These were effects of death. Not vampirism. People back then did not know this, and staked them anyways. They would sometimes cut their head off too just in case the stake did not work.

Yes, I do believe that real vampires could exist. But in some cases, people were scared enough to dig up non-vampires, members of their own family.

But finally, some proof!