Phenomenal Man from Belarus Hasn't Slept for 35 Years

Phenomenal Man from Belarus Hasn't Slept for 35 Years


Yacov Tsiperovich, who lives in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, has not slept since 1979, when he was in a coma for one week after his first wife tried to poison him.

Even though Tsiperovich hasn't slept for 35 years now, the lack of sleep has not affected him physically. He even looks younger than he actually is. Yacov Tsiperovich is now 54 years old but most people say that he looks not a day older than 35.

Tsiperovich tells that his wakefulness began in 1979, when his first wife tried to kill him by putting poison in his wine. After drinking it, the man fell into a weeklong coma.

Tsiperovich says that during his clinical death, he was able to observe his own body while outside of it, while also seeing spots of light around it. Once he came out of the coma, Tsiperovich was a completely different person. He is absolutely certain that he can fully control his body and all of his body functions.


After the coma, the man was beset by insomnia, which had no logical explanation. Tsiperovich shares that he's tried to fall asleep many times but some kind of unusual sounds prevented him from doing so - once he heard them he immediately got up out of bed.

While trying to determine the limits of his own abilities, Tsiperovich found that there is no physical exercise which can tire him and make him fall asleep.

Presently, the 54-year-old man is living with his second wife in Minsk, looking 19 years younger. Tests show that his body temperature is between 93°F (34°C) and 95°F (35°C), which is typical of lethargic states and which to some extent explains his eternal youth.

Yacov himself proclaims that he's managed to cheat time and that he'll manage to live to the age of 200.

Further scientific studies show that he is completely healthy, and no shocking anomalies have been discovered in his body state. That is why the scientists don't show interest in Tsiperovich's case and have ceased their experiments with him.

Despite this, he believes that he possesses phenomenal abilities, with which he will be able to turn off his mechanism of aging.


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