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Man in 2000 Years: Deaf, Bald and Mute


Humanity changes with each passing day, and the man of the future will be mute, deaf and ugly. This is the hypothesis that scientists from UCLA have come to.

American researchers have created a portrait of homo sapiens after 2000 years, which will be extremely mutated compared to the present species.

According to the scientists' prognosis, the man of the future will be bald, without any teeth. They are sure that over 70% of the genes that have to do with our sense of smell will mutate.


This will be due to the noise pollution in the environment, which will lead to the formation of folds in the ears. That way, humans, much like dogs, will be able to put their ears back and relax them.

The main method of communication between the mute people will be telepathy. Language won't have any speech functions at all. We will most likely only use our voices in music, if such an art form even exists after 2 thousand years.

The human head will increase in size. The man of the future will have rachitic hands without 2 useless fingers.

The air will be poor in oxygen, causing the lungs to increase their volume to better absorb it. The appendix will begin functioning once again, to help future man digest food, entirely synthetic at that point.

The skin will also undergo mutations and become rougher, in order to avoid the chemical effects of the atmosphere. As already mentioned, the man of the future will be bald, because of hair fallout as a result of the radiation and warming of the climate.