Has the CIA Been Time Traveling for Years?
ЦРУ пътува във времето от години?
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Has the CIA Been Time Traveling for Years?

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Time Travel

There are tons of stories, movies, books and games, where the characters time travel without a problem. But it may well be that these sorts of fantastical portals, that can take us to the past or future, have long ago been opened up by the CIA.

Reliable sources from US national security claim that the Department of Defense had already created a time travel machine 40 years ago.

The US government confiscated a large portion of Nikola Tesla's notes, which they used back in 1967 to build the first ever time traveling device. According to insiders, it was used for covert ops back in those years. By time traveling, agents guaranteed the economical and political supremacy of the country.

Teleportation and time traveling are still used today. One of the best sources on this subject is Michael Relfe, who began his career in the US armed forces in 1976.

He states that he was sent to Mars, where he spent 20 years during a top-secret operation. There, Relfe's objective was to maintain one of the 2 American colonies located on the Red Planet. To keep them secret, these colonies were built in the future.


After his service had ended, Relfe's age was reversed. During his going back in time, certain memories in his consciousness were erased or blocked - one of the common procedures done in these types of operations.

Another witness to these black ops by the American government was Andrew Basiago. He participated in Project Pegasus which was carried out between 1968 and 1972.

The operation had a two-fold objective - time traveling in the space-time hologram and training gifted American children. They were being prepared to become the 1st generation of time travelers.

US experts were particularly interested in how the bodies and especially the minds of the children reacted to time travel. While adult volunteers soon went mad, the child's consciousness, which was not corrupted by years of impressions on how the world worked, allowed them to travel without a problem.

Time travel allowed the Americans to control literally everything happening on our planet. For example, each of the future US presidents was visited in their childhood years and warned about what their future held.

The list includes George Bush Senior, George Bush Jr. and even Barack Obama. What's more, the Americans had known about the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks back in 1971.