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Say Goodbye to Insomnia! Your Zodiac Sign will Show you How


There are many possible reasons for insomnia - you don't turn your phone off, you start worrying about the future.

Insomnia has consequences both for our physical appearance and mental state. And if you're spending another night suffering from insomnia, you absolutely have to take measures.

Below you can read about the most common causes of insomnia as it pertains to the various zodiac signs, as well as how to deal with this condition.

There is a specific ritual that each sign must perform before heading to the bedroom. This will guarantee the person a peaceful night and help them fall asleep faster.



Aries suffer from sleep problems whenever they haven't used up their energy.


If you're a Taurus it's key to have a comfortable setting for a peaceful sleep. Aromatize your bedroom with lavender spray and decorate with candles because these will help you relax and fall asleep.


Social media and the internet are the things that can keep a Gemini awake. They're addicted to their phones and lose track of the time when they're browsing Facebook or Instagram. To fall asleep, they have to turn off their Wi-Fi and start reading a book.


To sleep peacefully, Cancers need to free themselves of their daily stress. Insomnia for them is always accompanied by a significant dose of nervous tension. To relax, they need to take a bath and meditate. This way they relax their mind and body and will be able to fall asleep.



A cup of herbal tea is what a Leo zodiac sign needs in order to relax and fall asleep. For them it's mandatory that they don't overeat before bed because their stomach is sensitive and could keep them up all night.


To fall asleep easily, Virgos need to feel cozy. Coziness in this context implies cleanliness and tidiness. So if they keep their bedroom tidy, they're not going to have any sleep issues. Comfortable pajamas are also recommended for falling asleep faster.


Libras need calming and melodious music in order to get in the mood for sleep. If you belong to this sign, play a nice melody when you lay down to bed and you'll fall asleep quick.


Scorpios are among the signs that often have sleep problems because they worry too much. To get in the mood for sleep, they must first relax on a psychological level, then on a physical.



A glass of red wine is all a Sagittarius needs in order to forget about his everyday troubles and prepare for sleep. But don't overdo it, lest you wish to achieve the exact opposite effect and start having trouble sleeping. A single glass or wine is the best method for relaxing.


What keeps a Capricorn up at night is his plans for the future. To combat insomnia, they need to focus on the present and think about what they're grateful for, instead of constantly worrying about the future.


Aquarians find difficult to fall asleep when they get some grand idea into their head. Keeping a journal helps them express these ideas and free their mind in order to relax and fall asleep. They need to write down everything they feel and that pops into their head because this will help them sleep soundly.


Pisces have an incredible imagination and if they use it to visualize they aren't going to have any problems sleeping. They need to imagine the places they want to go and the people with whom they feel best, in order to feel calmer.



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