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Fingers will show how much money you earn

Fingers will show how much money you earn

What do you think of the following: along our fingers we can determine how much money we earn in our lifetime. No, this is not science fiction, and is now fully achievable.

According to the latest research footprints could easily replace blood tests. Human fingerprints have unique DNA. Traces of the fingers contain about 10 nanograms of DNA and to extract genetic material is sufficient only 1 /10 part of it, for example one billionth of a gram.

Fingers will show how much money you earn

Access to restricted information on impressions of the fingers is not fiction. This technology has already found use in unlocking the door that opens or closes fingerprints identified by the scanner. It is widespread with computers, scanners, and even the mouse will remember the fingerprints of the owner. With prints we are able to block access to notebook computers and store information in the memory card ...

According to scientists from the Canadian province of Alberta University of the ratio between the length of the forefinger and ring finger we can judge the level of aggression in humans. Even if one has a short pointer one can be loudly aggressive. However, this applies to men. In women, this pattern has not been established.

The reasons for this are related with development of the male body. If during pregnancy the male fetus was subjected to intensive influence of testosterone, the ring finger is growing faster than the pointer.

It was also found that men with the ring finger, longer than the index, earn much more than others. According to another survey conducted by English researchers, men who have a shorter index than ring finger more often achieve success in sport and love.



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