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Parable, Which Will Show You How to Find the Right Solutions

Making the Right Decision

A wise philosopher lived many years ago. He was old, but he still had the energy to teach patience and prudence to his students. One day, during another lesson, he took a young boy to a fabulous maze of bushes and told him to find the way out on his own.

The young man walked forward with a brisk step, but soon realized how difficult his task was. Wherever he went, he encountered a barrier. At one point he got tired, he could feel the sun's heat on him, he huddled in the bushes and fell asleep.

When he was later awakened by his teacher, he turned red with embarrassment.

- Forgive me, teacher! I wanted to complete your task, but I couldn't. The maze turned out to be too difficult and I failed! - cried the boy.

Then the teacher motioned for him to follow him. The two climbed a nearby hill and looked at the maze from afar.

"Now, young man, do you see where the exit of the labyrinth is? " - asked the teacher.

– Of course, everything is much clearer from above! - the boy said with excitement.

The teacher smiled and said:

– It's the same way with life's difficulties. When you delve into the problems, you don't see the solution. To help yourself, you have to abstract yourself from what is happening. If you look at things from a distance, you will get an idea of ​​the whole picture and you will quickly see how to act most correctly.