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Erotic dreams are a good way to spend the night

Erotic Dreams

In the morning do you want to do something nasty, depending on the subject of your dreams? However not with erotic dreams. They are a good way to spend the night. Too bad we can not afford to do the "Order" of our dreams by catalog, that would be great.

But if you want to understand better why this has happened in a dream, you must take into account several important facts.

Sex and Love

Erotic dreams are not only "pure sex". If you dream that somehow suddenly you began to make sex with three red passionate women, it is clear that your real needs are far from satisfied.

Take care of yourself as you see fit, because sexual satisfaction is absolutely essential for balance, harmony and a calm perspective.

Part of erotic dreams are not just those revolved around sex but can be about kissing on the street cuddling or even just talking. Usually these dreams issue rather a desire for closeness and tenderness than unmet low passions.

If there is nobody to hug of love after such a dream, hug your friends. They will rejoice and, embrace enhances the immune system.

Erotic Dreams

Who and what

Most interesting is to be with a stranger. Somehow you had one little secret, which nobody knows about.

It is believed that a stranger dream means that you have not found yourself, you need support and understanding. Or simply that your not familiar with such erotic inspirations.

Erotic dreams are known to give a little more blush on the cheeks the next day when you meet with that "guest" from your dream. This is because he did not even suspect that the both of you had passionate moments. Choosing whether to tell him or not is still yours, but practice shows that friends accept it with joy and fun.

Just do not tell your boss that you had sex. Rather, talk about your promotion, because the appearance of Big Boss in the dream meant that you feel undervalued.

Sometimes dream that is cuddling and kissing with someone may mean just that, and sorry that you forgot to congratulate someone on their birthday, graduation or new job.

If so then you only need to pick up the phone and call him.



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