The Best Way to Debate
Как да водим спор?

The Best Way to Debate

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Argument is all around us. Even animals argue. They bark, growl and even spit at each other in their attempt to influence their kin. It's their way of saying "get back" or "stop doing this" or "give me this". Humans also argue but they are not always so effective.

All of us are forced to, on a daily basis, get into arguments, whether small or big. In most cases, the goal of these wars of words is to clearly define one's position on a given topic before another individual.

These debates, as long as they are constructive and consider the opinion of the opponent, can be quite beneficial. After all, even the ancients said that the "truth is born of argument".

There are several techniques and tricks that you can try for yourself. They will help you lead more meaningful arguments and lay out your position without hurting the other side.


The ability to debate effectively is actually the ability to learn and experience various situations, while giving you the confidence to stand up for what you believe in.

Firstly, choose your war of words carefully. From the beginning, decide whether or not it's worth spending your nerves and energy defending a position, before you even begin the debate itself.

When you begin the debate, respect what the other person has to say. Every debate needs to be two-sided; if you are unable to hear the other side, its proponents will return the favor and won't listen to you either. Rejecting the opinion of another person is normal but refusing to hear them makes the debate pointless.

Attack the ideas on the other side, not the person they are associated with.

When you make a mistake, admit it. Admit that you misunderstood or that you were misinformed. Making a mistake makes you no less of a person; in fact admitting that you were wrong makes you greater.

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Proof from reliable sources that specifically support your thesis can be one of the easiest ways to win an argument.

People love to think of themselves as the main character in the story of their life. Make your opponent think this and charm them slowly in order to change their mind, while carefully letting them adapt to your thesis.

Explain why you believe your thesis to be correct, where you've gotten your information, how you've reached your conclusions. This will force your opponent to follow your line of thinking, which may be an effective way of winning the argument.

Argue a single topic and do not allow other theses to enter your debates. If you allow other themes to distract you, this will only make the war of words meaningless.