Dreaming of snakes
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Dreaming of snakes

Dreaming of snakes

To dream that you are dying from a snake bite, is a sign that you will suffer from malice and envy of hypocritical friends. Dreams of snakes are warnings of various forms of evil.

If you see, in a dream snakes that twist or fall on you, this means that you will feel remorse and that would soon run into financial difficulties.

Killing a snake during the sleep is a sign that you are willing to do anything to achieve your interests and to get the highest score of those around you.

Passing between many snakes in a dream means that you will triumph over your enemies. If snakes bite you and hurt you, it portends that your enemies will harm your work.

If you dream that you see in green grass crawling a small flat-spotted snake, and you jump away and it continues on its way, and then coming back to you as it grows, this means that in real life you are exaggerating your problems.

If you get sick or have trouble at work, this dream portends that soon everything will be fine and will even be able to take a break from work.

When you dream of a big snake that was wrapped around you and tries to strangle you, it means that you are rather powerless in the hands of enemies, and it is your fault.

If you dream you hold a snake in your hands, that means trouble will become your fault, in huge difficulties that you can not handle alone.

If there is a snake in a dream, it means that you will worry, but expect only joy. If you dream someone is bitten by a snake, it means that you are not ready to make sacrifices for friends.

Small snakes in your dream mean you exert too much reverence for people who do not deserve it, but behind your back are constantly plotting how to stop you.



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09.05.2014 17:02
If I see someone is breaking the teeth of snake in my dream then what does its meaning?
29.03.2013 05:28
if one big snake dead then