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Dreaming of illness and healing

Nina NordNina Nord

Some dreams reflect the condition of the body. While we sleep, our brain does not rest, and revises the body. And if any of the organs are threatened by disease, the brain tries to send a signal.

Heart disease is predicted by nightmares, that wake people up at midnight. Often, nightmares are associated with pursuit, falling into an abyss, and they always present fear of death.

In upcoming issues with blood pressure, man dreams of natural disasters such as Earthquakes, Hurricanes and floods, but you could also dream of falling into a deep hole, or demolition.

This happens to people with high blood pressure. Those with low blood have faded dreams, which are characterized by a feeling of general weakness and persistent efforts in vain to lift something heavy.

If someone sucks your blood in a dream, most likely you are to have a fall in blood pressure. The same happens if you dream that you are trying to swim across the wide and deep river or climb a mountain.

To dream that someone jumped on your breasts or your body, you might have an attack of bronchial asthma. Stomach problems are characterized by unpleasant taste that remains in mouth after waking.

For liver disease people dream fights, wounds, blood. Gastritis and ulcers occur in the dreams, which present raw meat, usually rotten and spoiled fish.

If your body is susceptible to cold or flu, you can dream yourself without clothes, or a forest fire, wearing tight, uncomfortable clothes, or drink, without being able to feel the thirst quenching.

If your body is already able to deal with certain diseases, you will dream of bright sun, light, clean running water. Same goes for dreams about funerals of people you dislike.

Victory in war or battle, and the blossoming field of flowers foretell an end to protracted illness. This applies to dreams where you see happy children.