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Year of the Snake for Sagittarius

Plamena M.Plamena M.

The year of the snake will be very beneficial for representatives of the Sagittarius sign. This year the planets will be on their side and will ensure the vitality and energy needed to remove obstacles in their path. The influence of the planets will make them more optimistic and they will have more convenient reasons to discard the restrictions and considerations that are no longer relevant.

You'll feel a deep need to establish stability in your life and the lives of those in your inner circle. It is essential to slow down the tempo, to not miss a step.

Sagittarius will invest the bulk of his energy in the professional world this year. At the same time, you will have a sense of ease after seeing the results that are achieved at last. They will stimulate you to go even further. You will find the way filled with opportunities for professional growth and success by yourself. Relations with superiors will run smoothly because you will manage to proclaim your ideas with tact and good sense. This will be useful for rising in the ranks.

This year the love lives of Sagittarians will start off promising in terms of stability, development and transformation in the long run. Through deep thought, they will get to the essence of their emotional life. They will be less frivolous than usual and could benefit from better quality relationships. They will have a greater need of tenderness and closeness than usual.


Any kinds of masks will be too heavy to carry and ever more useless. You will know how to help your partner be as open as possible and will be able to clearly distinguish the true intentions of the people who cross your path. For the first time, it will be impossible for Sagittarians to be deceived.

Nevertheless, you should not forget to maintain a minimum amount of indifference, especially after having examined your partner as much as you desired. If you go too far, you are likely to make your partner suspicious and defensive.

The year of the snake will bring many changes to the ever optimistic Sagittarius. Moving abroad or a new way of living, remodeling your home or family - only time will tell. For singles, this year will bring the desired clarification of their longing, and maybe even a new partner.



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