Key Dates for Every Sign in 2018 and What they Bring


Each zodiac sign has its own qualities, characteristics and distinctive traits. Each is ruled by its own personal planet, which hammers out its fate day by day.

2018 is a year saturated with emotions. It's a year of breakthroughs that will force humanity to shift its gaze from the material to the spiritual.

This by no means suggests that certain signs won't be able to enjoy financial and material prosperity and receive all of the earthly goods they've dreamed of. For most though, it comes with all-consuming love.

Each astronomical year brings new things for each and every one of us. 2018 promises much. Find out what the important dates are for each sign below. For some these bring love, for others - money.


6/12 - An epic day for love.

4/22 - An unexpected romantic date.

12/24 - Harmonic change and the mix of old and new. Worry not, everything is for the better.


6/10 - Harmony of love and soul.

6/26 - A sense of increased energy, regeneration and optimism.

8/3 - Relationships become easier and improve.



9/10 - Optimism grows. On the love front everything is improving.

11/10 - The strength and energy in you stabilize.

12/25 - Peace and happiness settle in your soul.


6/9 - You reassess your life philosophy and reach a decision.

7/6 - A healthy approach to love and happiness.

8/24 - A day of rest and relaxation. Don't rush things, there's time for everything.


7/20 - A day for solid and long-lasting relationships. Some will decide to make things official.

8/3 - Your energy stirs, your strength and tranquility return.

8/14 - You realize where your relationship is at.


6/9 - Be open toward others, they have the main say.

8/27 - Relief, happiness, harmony after a storm, peace, love, things will be good.

9/1 - You're ready to end one phase and start another.



6/23 - Go wherever you feel good.

12/25 - Happiness, love and peace in your soul.


6/4 - A wave of energy will wash over you, lasting months.

6/27 - A day for gentle, sincere love, just like in the movies.

8/3 - You worked a lot, struggled and advanced. Now there's serenity.


8/14 - You finally know what to do.

8/24 - You're ready to take all or nothing.

10/30 - A day of longlasting love.


6/3 - A day of deep, fateful love.

8/10 - Peace, happiness and satisfaction in your soul.

9/28 - You feel like you have energy enough for 2.


6/7 - The influx of emotions grows within you.

12/2 - You realize your ideas.

12/24 - You're extremely happy.


6/9 - You feel something new coming.

7/20 - A magical day for love.

9/16 - Dream and enjoy.


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