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Year of the Snake for Gemini

Plamena M.Plamena M.

The year of the snake brings wisdom and introspection. The zodiac sign of Gemini is very vulnerable and can easily transform in a good way in 2013.

This year will be one of the most passionate for most Gemini. According to the love horoscope, in 2013, some of them can expect a new love relationship that will develop into along-lasting connection. Love might be absent during some months, but it will help balance the normal rhythm of life.

Stress in everyday life for the twins is not favorable. This can be avoided with more affection and pleasant moments with your partner. Married Gemini must carefully go over any decision related to their partner, so as not to injure or hurt hem. Third parties may attempt to get in the way of love and happiness this year, but with the right decisions and timely measures taken, the relationship will become stronger.

Year of the snake

For Gemini, harmony in relations with stable partners will be better in the months of April, June and December. Casual relationships are possible in July and September, but they should not be seen as something that will last long. They will simply constitute a test that you'll quickly realize is superficial.

Some representatives of this sign will get a marriage proposal from longtime partners. This will make them incredibly happy and revive their love with new strength. Do not be affected by jealousy and do not play act. Your intentions must be sober.

From a professional standpoint, the year of the snake will bring Gemini long-term problems. They will solve them with the aid of external assistance, suggestions, plans, etc...

Overall, the year starts with a hint of optimism. The greatest fruits of labor will be reaped in November. Keep your disclosure minimal and you can be very resourceful in every area. The key to a normal year for Gemini is concentration.