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A Single Word Describes 2018 for Each Sign! Find out Yours

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2018 is here. With the beginning of each year we expect everything for us to be better. Secretly, everyone yearns to find out what the next 12 months will be like.

If you're tired of long horoscopes, obscure predictions shrouded in mystery and misleading information, then you're in the right place. What could be easier than finding out what to expect in the year of the Yellow Earth Dog from a single word? The answer for each zodiac sign is right here.

Even if we're never completely sure what exactly each new year brings, one thing is certain about 2018 - it will be one of a kind. The Yellow Dog promises a year filled with brilliant emotions, travels, tense moments, successes and meeting of new people. The only thing it requires of us is to remain true to ourselves.

Here's how astrologers describe 2018 with just a single word for each zodiac sign:

Year 2018
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Aries - Surprising

Taurus - Romantic

Gemini - Adventurous

Cancer - Emotional

Leo - Inspiring

Virgo - Peaceful

Libra - Lucky

Scorpio - Extreme

Sagittarius - Unpredictable

Capricorn - Enlightening

Aquarius - Chaotic

Pisces - Different