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Yearly Horoscope 2015 - Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

Yearly horoscope

Sagittarius - An unsteady year on the love front

In 2015 you need to believe in yourself more and not give up when facing problems. Pursue your ideas brazenly, no matter what gets in your way. The year will be good financially if you lay the necessary foundations ahead of time.

On the love front, expect an unsteady year. Short-lived flings will threaten your serious relationship. But if you do not have a serious partner, the year will be quite exciting and filled with adventures for you.


Capricorn - A good year professionally and a lousy one in love

An excellent year lies ahead in the professional and financial aspects. You will rise up higher, winning some well-deserved authority among your coworkers. If you have not yet found a job, luck will be with you in 2015 in this regard.

Financially, you will also enjoy peaks, as opposed to love, where many problems await, caused by arguments with your partner, especially during the first 3 months of the year. Relations will be strained with your family as well.

Aquarius - You will be faced with many choices


Throughout the year you will be faced with many choices and it is you alone who must decide which one of them is the most promising. To make your dreams reality, you need to listen to your intuition more.

In 2015 your desire for travel will be fully satisfied. Harmonious relations with your family await you as well. Representatives of this sign who do not have a partner may very well meet the right person in the spring. Those who have been in a relationship for a while need to avoid disputes.


Pisces - You need to be more competitive

This year you need to grab life by the horns and begin fighting for the job, salary and love that you want. 2015 will make you realize that nothing will magically appear at your doorstep if you do not work diligently.

When it comes to love, it is also not looking to be one of your better years. You must not ignore the person by your side because there is a high chance of a breakup this year. Representatives of the sign who are alone will find the right person at the end of 2015.



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