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Yearly Horoscope 2016 - Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Capricorn - Big changes are coming

Big changes await you in 2016. Even though you're not fully prepared to say your farewell to peace and stability, this year you'll have to say goodbye to certain people, a job or property that need to get out of your life for the better.

It won't be at all easy for you to accept these changes but as the year progresses you'll have to leave some things in the past in order to be able to look to the future. Decide whether you're getting what you want out of your profession and if you're not feeling great, it's time to quit.

Conflicts are expected in your love life. If you have a stable partner try to make more compromises in your relationship. Be open and say what's on your mind to avoid misunderstandings. Singles have a better chance of finding the right person in the 2nd half of the year.

Aquarius - You'll realize your professional goals


You will realize your professional ambitions in 2016. You have all the opportunities for getting ahead in your career, all you have to do is invest more energy and be more decisive in your actions. Working as part of a team will be good for you, so be sure to share your ideas with coworkers, unite them and motivate them.

Be careful with your money at the beginning of the year because you might get swindled. All activities related to education, travel and creativity will be successful.

Be sincere with your romantic partner and don't restrain your emotions if you wish your relationship to grow. As a whole, the year will be good for love and you'll enjoy plenty of harmony and peace.

Pisces - Expect a year filled with thrilling events

Prepare yourself for one unpredictable year, with exhilarating events following one after the other. These changes will bring you satisfaction in love, as well as in your career. There won't be few obstacles ahead of you but they'll make your 2016 more exciting and emotional.


At the start of the year you will be searching for the right workplace and the path which to grow professionally. Sign up for training programs and collect more information that you can use. The final months of the year will be your lucky ones regarding work.

Take the responsible approach toward your love relationship. Non-singles will have the opportunity to rekindle the old flames of passion and romance, while their relations will be more balanced. Singles may find the ideal person for them but need to be initiative in order to get into a new relationship.