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Yearly Horoscope 2017 for Capricorn


Throughout all of 2017, the big priorities for you will be your career, where you'll strive to earn ever more in order to assure your dreamed-of financial stability, and your family.

Successes and prosperity this year will come primarily in the professional aspect, where you may earn a promotion or find a better-paying job, through which you'd realize a great many of your goals.

If you have ideas for starting your own business, now is the most suitable time for working on these. Get your plans out in the open and fate will provide you the opportunities and fortune you're seeking.

Throughout the year you'll be able to significantly increase your earnings, as long as you're active and don't turn down help when you're offered it. Don't force yourself to carry out all of your tasks alone, listen to the advice and proposals of those around you.

At the beginning of the year you may make some good investments or obtain information, thanks to which you'd sign beneficial contracts and guarantee yourself stability for a long time.

But don't rush to so easily spend what you've earned, instead postpone all the fun times for summer. Work needs to be the most important thing for you for the first half of this year.

This year, family and personal relationships are also going to be an important topic - especially in March and April, when events are going to be more active in this regard than usual.


Old problems or issues, which you haven't discussed on time, may reemerge and now you'll have to clear them up in order to move forward.

Don't trust any secondary information, even if it comes from friends, as it's likely that they too are victims of unconfirmed rumors. In this way, even if they're trying to help you, they'll only make you the victim of drama.

Try to be honest with your relatives and the members of your family who won't find it easy to understand your decisions this year. You don't need to be influenced by their viewpoint but try to explain your decisions without burning the bridges between you.

At the end of the year, your social life is going to give you the most reasons to celebrate. You'll be able to forge much closer relations with your friends and coworkers, while communication between you will flow smoothly.