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Yearly Horoscope 2015 - Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer


Aries - A happy and lucky year

One of your best years lies ahead. For you, 2015 will be loaded with happiness and luck in every aspect. The changes that are to come will be for the better. Expect successes at the workplace and financial stability. You will form even stronger ties with those close to you.


A radiant life in love is expected as well, you will enjoy large doses of romance throughout 2015. When it comes to your health, you won't face any serious problems either. This year it is also likely that you will make a large-scale purchase, such as a new condo or car.

Taurus - Small obstacles will test you


Throughout this new year you will have to overcome many but small obstacles, with new problems arising almost every month. The good news is that all of these challenges will be successfully overcome and you will move forward boldly.

For those who have been in a relationship for several years, 2015 will provide them the opportunity to get engaged. For representatives of this sign who are alone, they will find love only if they seek it and not sit with their arms crossed.

Gemini - Through persistence you will resolve all of your problems


Throughout the new year, you will resolve any issues related to real estate if you act with persistence and perseverance. 2015 will also provide you with many opportunities to travel, with whether or not you take advantage of them depending solely on you.

An abundance of joy and positive energy will come to your family. Achieving peace and understanding with loved ones will be your main goal for the new year. Do not try to meddle in others' marriages and relationships, for such would cost you dearly.


Cancer - A wonderful year when it comes to love

A difficult year lies ahead, in which you will have the need of the aid and support of loved ones. Don't refuse the helping hand of family and friends because you won't be able to handle the problems facing you alone.

You will have a lot more luck in love this year. Many romantic surprises and adventures await you. You will meet more people who will woo you, thus increasing your self-confidence.