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Yearly Horoscope 2014 - Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

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Yearly Horoscope

Capricorn - You will enjoy a financially stable year

2014 will be very tranquil for Capricorn - without any unnecessary surprises and unpredictable situations.

At the workplace, everything will run smoothly and your career will grow. Your perfectionism is a quality which will lead you to deserved successes.


During the year, you will enjoy a financially stable state, which will allow you to make many of your dreams come true.

Your relations with relatives will be quite strained because of your irascible character, while your pride will get in the way of smoothing things out.

In 2014, your love relationship will be faced with a challenge because you will focus entirely on your profession.

Aquarius - You will meet plenty of new people


Throughout the year you will not face any hardships at work. You have laid out a solid foundation and have been able to shine in your area.

Each new task or obligation will be carried out with ease. You will have a strong intuition and will quickly make the right decisions.

2014 looks to be a year where you will meet many new people. You will meet fascinating people, who will be important to your future.

Your family will support you but you will be way too busy to give them the appropriate attention.

Your love partner will also take a backseat because of your ambitions and priorities at work.


Pisces - A year of great changes

In 2014, members of the zodiac sign of Pisces will themselves orchestrate everything that happens in their lives.

You will have the opportunity to choose between a few options in order to carry out your plans in regard to your visions.

Changes are bound to happen at the workplace as well, which will be supported by your colleagues.

Astrologers advise that you seek fulfillment only in the area of your expertise.

You will also bring improvement at home. During this year, you will have enough energy in order to make your dreams come true.

In your love life there will be many twists. If the right person isn't by your side, it's time to break up.