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Yearly Horoscope 2014 - Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius

Yearly Horoscope 2014

Libra - You will have better success in love than at work

2014 looks to be an unfavorable year professionally for Libra.

Your career will not change during this year and things might actually worsen if you do things forcefully.


Astrologers recommend not to leave any unfinished business, in order to safeguard the position you have achieved so far.

You can count on your loved ones for everything during the year. They will support you and will not burden you with unnecessary concerns. All you must do is show your appreciation from time to time.

Astrologers advise to be careful with friends because many hypocrites around you.

In contrast, Libras will go through a real renaissance in love.

Those who have a long-time relationship will reignite the flames with their partner, and those who are single will meet the appropriate person.

2014 is the perfect year for making decisions with the person by your side.

Scorpio - Many challenges await you


In 2014, many obstacles will get in the way of Scorpio, that will only be handled by those representatives of the sign that have both feet firmly planted on the ground, instead of chasing illusions.

You must be cautious in this new year, not to be overly trusting of kind words.

At the workplace, carefully consider every offer and do not initiate new projects if there is no one trustworthy by your side.

You will be delighted by the achievements of your close ones and relatives.

Love in the new year will be in contrast. A large portion of the representatives of this zodiac sign will have to make an important decision regarding the joint future of you and your partner.

Astrologers advise, that if necessary, put an end to the relationship with the person by your side but think on it very carefully before doing so.


Sagittarius - You will devote yourself to your loved ones

Professionally, expect a remarkably peaceful and stable year.

There will not be any drastic changes in the workplace but it is necessary to plan and organize your obligations, so that you have time for everything.

In 2014, you will devote yourself entirely to your family and loved ones. You will help all that have need of your aid with pleasure.

In family life, understanding and optimism will reign.

This devotion to your relatives might instill jealousy in your partner and test your relationship.