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Yearly Horoscope 2016 - Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius


Libra - Changes in your love life are coming

For you 2016 falls under the sign of change in your personal relationships. Family affairs and love will be priority throughout the entire year.

Many transformations lie ahead, which for some couples will be an opportunity to solidify their relations, although for others they will lead to a breakup. Singles will find a partner only if they expand their social circle.


Opportunities open up for realizing old desires of yours but you must not hesitate and boldly make decisions and risk more. You'll let your career take a backseat in the new year but finances will continue to be on your mind. You will be given more opportunities for increased income during the 2nd half of the year.

Scorpio - Be patient and your goals will be realized

Invest all of your passion in that which you desire and it will happen, no doubt about it.

Also be patient, for your goals will be realized in 2016, albeit slowly and gradually. You are asked to put in effort and not give up despite the complex difficulties.


You also need to impose a stricter discipline when it comes to your money because you won't be earning as well this year. The period is not suitable for changing jobs but if you work in a creative field you'll have an excellent opportunity to boost your skills.

The year will be suitable for love. Singles will find their soulmate, while couples will enjoy passion and romance burning at their brightest. You'll find it hard to conceal your emotions and often face the truth, with which you may resolve your old problems.

Sagittarius - Be sincere so that you have luck throughout the year


In 2016 be honest not only with the people around you but with yourself as well.

Think carefully on whether your job, love relationship or friends are making you happy. At work you'll be able to grow and earn additional money only if you concentrate and finish your tasks.

Don't scatter about in all directions, instead when you take on a serious assignment work only on it because otherwise you may cause harm to your health. Be outgoing in your career but never offer up projects you haven't thought about thoroughly ahead of time.

You may come across bumps in your love life if there are unresolved issues between you and your partner. It's time to let the truth out and confront the real problems face-to-face.

Singles have the chance for a new relationship only if they are completely open.