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The Curse of Tutankhamun

The Curse of Tutankhamun

The world has always shrouded in mystery over the Pharaohs, Mummies and Pyramids. One of the most interesting is that covering the life and death of the young pharaoh Tutankhamun. More than 3 300 years after his death we continue to ask questions about the cause of his death and the terrible curse that has come upon him.

Tutankhamun lived 3 300 years ago during the period known as New Kingdom. During the regime of Amenhotep IV beliefs changed as he denies the belief in many gods and removes the clergy of Amun. Aminotep establish a new line, which began to worship he god Athena, the god of the sun. He even changed his own name to Akenaten, meaning "servant of Athena".

Just at that time he and his second wife Kiya became parents to Tutankhamen (Tutankhamun) as was initially called.

After the death of Akenaten, Tutankhamun became King at only 9-years old. He married to one of his step sisters and soon after changed its name to Tutankhamun. He Indicated the return of the hierarchy of Amun and restored its temples. In the ninth year of his reign he died. This must have happened in the year 1327 BC, When he was in his late teenage years.

Researchers say that he did not die of natural causes. It was three decades ago when the Department of Anatomy University of Liverpool makes x-ray analysis of the deceased's mummy. It is said the king died from a blow to the head.

The theoretical range of suspects includes Aya - Vizier of Tutankhamun, Horernhan - head of the army, Tutu, his wife and his horse friend. They all had motives.

After the death of Tutankhamenn Aya gets on the throne and married his wife, Horernhab should be heir. There are rumors that the inscriptions found in the temple of Tutankhamun is evidence that the killer is Tutu, who had the reputation of a man causing problems.

The Curse of Tutankhamun

He is also associated with the death of the father of Tutankhamun, Akenaten. Following the death of the King the funeral ceremonies lasted 70 days.

The story of the curse of Tutankhamun began in 1922 when the English Egyptology, Howard Carter, Dug his temple. Excavations were funded by Lord Caernarfon. On the 5th of April 1923, seven weeks after opening the temple of Tutankhamun Howard Carter died. It is alleged that his dog, Susie died at the same time. 5 months after his death his brother unexpectedly dies as so does his pet canary as it is eaten by a snake. It is said that all this is a result of the Kings Curse.

However even believers of the curse with the most vivid imagination can not explain certain facts.

It took more than a decade to catalog, preserve and transfer the thousands of priceless items found inside Tutankhamen Temple.