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Make a Wish if you See a Rainbow


During the spring and summer days, the rainbow is among the most beautiful of nature's gifts in the sky. It appears after rain and stirs euphoria in just about everyone. Beautiful rainbows hold their special place in numerous breathtaking photographs, paintings, musical works. It's also present in many legends, superstitions and folklore beliefs around the world. Find out below about the most famous beliefs related to this elegant phenomenon:

Perhaps the most well-known belief about rainbows is that if a girl walks under it she is going to turn into a boy and vice versa. Of course this is impossible but it's still led to many youngsters looking upon the bright formation with suspicion.

According to another, significantly more optimistic belief, rainbows make wishes come true. So the next time you notice its wonderful colors, don't forget to think of good one.

A very old superstition goes that if a person were to see a rainbow in the sky they're going to have lots of luck all year long.

It's also believed that the rainbow is a divine bridge linking the earthly realm to the world of the angels. But only a scarce few are able to cross it.


According to an old Tibetan belief, the rainbow is a soul ascending to the heavens.

Another belief states that when a rainbow appears in the sky our deceased loves ones are feeling joyous.

Rainbows are also present in the prophecies of certain cultures. Farmers believed that if a rainbow contained the color yellow or orange, the year would be a bountiful one for their crops.

If, on the other hand, the rainbow had a saturated green, it would rain a lot and the fields would be abundantly green. If a red hue was more prominently visible, it was said the year would be fruitful for the grape harvest.