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Our Facial Features Determine Others' Opinion of us

Face Shape

The shape of a person's face and features can determine their fate for the rest of their lives. Recently, British scientists published the results of a study according to which facial features had a conclusive effect on the way others saw the person.

Persons born with V-shaped eyebrows are seen with reserve and mistrust by those around them. The same goes for those whose shape of the lips makes them always look pouty and unsatisfied.

At the same time, lips ending with a nice upward curve trigger sympathies and approval among others.

Individuals with a pleasant face shape may be forgiven a lot more than those who appear to be constantly frowning. This was proven after an experiment among the employees in a company was carried out by London researchers.

They were to be notified that their new CEO would be lowering their salaries. Some of the employees were notified by email, with a photo of their new boss attached.


His features triggered a spontaneous feeling of trust and understanding among the workers, leading to hundreds taking the changes surprisingly well.

The result was as described because the "glow" of the CEO invoked justifiable and measured actions.

It's also no secret that facial features are a direct expression of the individuality of a person. For example those with a broader face are usually more intelligent but also more sensitive.

An elongated face reveals endurance and impetuousness toward the completion of the set goals. On the other hand, persons with oval faces are considered fun and friendly personalities by others.

The shape of the eyes also exposes character. Eyes that are playfully curved upward mean that the person possesses a sharp intelligence, is diplomatic and sometimes can even be tricky. But when the edges of the eyes point downward it means the person in front of you is calm and collected.