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Table Reveals the Future of your Relationship! Find it out Now

Compatibility Chart

Every person is interested in the future of their relationship. Even when during the majority of the time everything in your relations with your partner looks smooth, there are times when the atmosphere becomes more tense than usual. Then we begin to question whether it's at all worth trying to be with that partner at all.

You may find the answer to this dilemma in the image above. In the table, astrologers note that compatibility depends on the partners' zodiac signs and show how successful a relationship between 2 people would be.

To find out where you and your partner stand, you have to find your sign along the vertical axis, then the sign of your partner on the horizontal axis. Find the square where the 2 signs meet and discover below what your relationship will be like, based on the type of heart in that square.

1. Black heart

You're in for a difficult relationship. You're going to have many disagreements, problems and scandals with this person. If you choose to remain with them expect insurmountable obstacles to accompany you in your daily life. Don't expect much from this sort of relationship because compatibility is low.

2. Grey heart


Your relationship isn't going to bring you satisfaction because you're just not going to relax completely when in each other's presence. You're constantly going to be hiding something and will be afraid to reveal your true feelings. And even if you're not, ultimately a 3rd person is going to come between you. Your compatibility simply isn't particularly good.

3. Pink heart

You have the opportunity to forge a fantastic relationship between you but it all depends on your own efforts. If you neglect your relations and don't make compromises in the name of love, you're quickly going to transform something very beautiful into a hell. On the flip side, if you turn your back on your egotism you have all the chances of your relationship prospering.

4. Dark red heart

You love each other a lot but are also highly jealous of each other. This obsession could play a bad joke on you. Have more trust in each other and stop scrutinizing constantly. If you give each other more personal space you have all the chances for a smooth relationship.

5. Red heart

You were made for each other. Feel free to call each other soul mates because you understand each other without speaking a single word and complement each other perfectly. You enjoy harmonious relations and a love that others can only admire. Try to keep this spark going as long as possible because your compatibility is amazing.