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Cursed Items That Brought Misfortune to Their Owners


By purchasing certain cars, furniture and jewelry we believe that they'll make our lives better or at least give us something to brag about. However, some people's desire to own specific items has played a cruel trick on them, for they have been unfortunate enough to hold cursed belongings in their hands. Take a look at some of the most famous items that have brought their owners nothing but trouble.

The Hope Diamond - this refined piece of jewelry is considered one of the most expensive diamonds on the planet. Its story began in India, where it was taken off of a statue. It then changed hands among various aristocrats but brought with it only misfortune, destruction and financial ruin.

The Annabelle Doll - in 1970 the toy was given as a gift to a young girl. The girl really liked the doll and left it in her family's apartment. Shortly thereafter, frightening things started happening there, writes website OddeeCom. There was even information that the doll had attacked someone who tried to help the family. Today, many don't believe in the stories about Annabelle but according to fans of the occult it is actually possessed by an evil demon.

The Painting of the Crying Boy - this famous work of art has long been known to be a haunted object. Many of the people who have previously owned the painting say they've had fires start while they had it. The strangest thing perhaps is that despite the fiery accidents the painting with the crying boy always managed to survive.

Crying Boy Painting

The Chair of Death - this seemingly ordinary piece of furniture was cursed by its first owner, who loved his chair more than anything in the world. He jealously guarded the item and wished for anyone who sat in it to die. After the owner of the haunted chair himself died, some tried to keep and use it. But according to legend, anyone who sat on it died shortly after.

Chair of Death

The Dybbuk Box - originally this item belonged to a man who had survived the Holocaust. It was said to have imprisoned an evil spirit. It brought tragedy and sickness to all of its different owners. The box was ultimately sealed well and hidden at a secret location, where it would no longer present a danger to anyone.