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The Unbelievable Story of Jean the Ice Girl


History is teeming with strange cases which investigators even today have been unable to find a scientific explanation for. People fall into severe lift-threatening conditions, sometimes on the very verge of death, while sometimes they are even thought dead by others.

In the next instant they come to life, as if by a miracle, without there even being any sign of the horror they had lived through. At the same time, there's simply no explanation for it all! Such was the case with the ice girl Jean Hilliard, who was found frozen but despite it all managed to survive, report media.

It all began back in 1980 when a man went outside to take his dog for its routine morning walk. It was winter and the morning was exceptionally cold. The man went just a few feet before, to his terror, he laid eyes on the stiff torso of a girl in front of him.

Despite the sinister surprise he maintained his composure and hurried to call the hospital. The girl looked completely lifeless but before she was definitively declared the subsequent victim of the snow and ice, a medical miracle took place.

After the efforts and procedures by doctors to warm the stiff body, the patient unexpectedly opened her eyes and even spoke. Jean said she was thirsty and asked for water.

What was even more shocking in this case was the absence of any signs that she had ever been frozen - she felt perfect. She was released from the hospital very shortly after first entering it.

Ice Girl

Doctors to this day are still looking for scientific evidence with which to explain how she managed to survive under those conditions and without sustaining any permanent damage after the fact but their arguments remain inconclusive. Jean herself, however, had accepted long ago that a miracle had befallen her.

She told the story of how on that near-fatal day her car had stalled while she was driving. At that point the young woman got out of her car and tried to look for help. But because of the frigid cold her body soon became immobilized. She fell unconscious and literally became an ice statue.