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What to Give the Different Zodiac Signs on Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day

Only several days stand between us and the most romantic holiday of the year - St. Valentine's Day. Numerologists give us the most accurate guidelines about the best type of present to give our partner based on their zodiac sign:

Aries - Normally, Aries love to have fun and party. But for them Valentine's Day is something truly special. A gift for them needs to be chosen very carefully and with feeling. Any type of fun present, such as a trendy gadget, computer game, puzzle or do-it-yourself kit are appropriate. If you're looking for a fashion accessory or clothing, the most suitable for this occasion is the color red.

Taurus - Representatives of this sign love beautiful and expensive things. A suitable present for a Taurus is a luxurious one. Beautiful jewelry, a weekend spa, high end cosmetics - think along these lines. It needs to be served up at an exquisite restaurant or it'll lose part of its appeal.

Gemini - The key to choosing a present for Gemini is creativity. It's best if it consists of several smaller presents. They would be equally happy to get a cell phone, a beautiful watch, vacation coupon, as well as intellectual things, such as a good book or general education class. And why not both?

Valentine's Day Gifts

Cancer - The insecure Cancer needs a romantic present that'll prove your love for them. Anything emotional and sentimental would melt their heart. A good example includes a basket with a nice bottle of wine, flowers, candy and fruits. Don't forget about hand-crafted gifts, as well as engraved jewelry, items and accessories. Only then will you prove your dedication and admiration.

Leo - This is one of the most important holidays for Leo in general. And they always insist on being the center of attention, on being cared for and showered with attention and presents. For them you need to choose at least 2 presents. The 1st one needs to be personal, while the 2nd offers an element of fun. Besides fun, the overall holiday experience needs to be related with everyone worshiping his nature. You need to make it so all eyes are directed at him. Quality champagne, designer clothes, strawberries and cream also never go out of style.

Virgo - Choosing a gift for the pedantic Virgo is perhaps the hardest thing to do. The only thing that may be more difficult is making them let you get close to them. In order to not mess up, be sure to go for something you know for sure that they love. An expensive dinner is a must but don't overlook the details. You need to go over everything with a fine-tooth comb.

Libra - Romance is a hereditary trait of Libras. This allows you the freedom to choose between thousands of romantic ways to surprise your partner. Plush teddy bears, balloons, scented candles and roses - all these Valentine's Day requirements must be part of you gift. Don't forget that Libras love style and luxury, so you can pick out beautiful jewelry or an expensive perfume as a gift. Coupons are not a good idea since Libras prefer material acquisitions.

Scorpio - For them, a Valentine's Day present clearly shows how much they mean to you and how genuine your feelings really are. They are passionate and choosy. It's safe to bet on their extravagant tastes - go for a truly unique dinner. The present must be beautiful and expensive at all costs. It's best if it has a sexual element to it - Scorpio is a passionate lover. You can also surprise them with a tantric technique, an erotic massage or sexy lingerie - this may turn out to be your most successful feat.


Sagittarius - Sagittarius seeks new sensations and will appreciate anything that brings them these. The most wonderful present for them is a romantic getaway. Getting to know previously unknown places, contact with different cultures, heart-pumping experiences, such as diving and skiing, present them with a supreme form of pleasure.

Capricorn - Capricorn is quite cold on the outside. Even if you find the perfect present you'll never receive 100% acknowledgement. It's just who they are. Capricorns love simple things, so go for a stylish handbag or accessory, classic jewelry, a rare wine or something loaded with nostalgic memories.

Aquarius - They simply adore surprises, so try to keep the gift and other plans a secret until the big day. Along with the mandatory heart-shaped box of candy, choose a present related to their love of reading and attainment of new knowledge. If they like sports, you can choose something related to that.

Pisces - Perhaps the most sensitive zodiac sign of them all. You'll really have to work at it to impress them. The material means nothing to them. What's a lot more important is the amount of effort, energy and willpower you'll invest in choosing a suitable gift. Sweets, essential oils, even bath products - be creative and most of all - involved. Aside all this, they absolutely adore anything that reminds them of the sea.