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What the Various Zodiac Signs Can't Stand

Nina NordNina Nord

Even if it may seem strange, the things we cannot stand are determined by our zodiac sign. For example, Aries are the perfect organizers, which is why they don't like it when someone other than they makes plans for their life.

They dislike people who constantly annoy them, as well as those who do not fulfill given promises. Aries are not the type of people who would be pleased to carry out others' requests, in fact when someone asks them for a favor they may even get annoyed by it.

Taureans can't stand people who don't share their outlooks on life. They have no tolerance for lies, food that doesn't look good, lack of style, boring companions and for someone to constantly keep telling them what to do. Taureans are not fond of arguing or loud people.

Geminis don't like it when someone tries to best them. They don't put up with disrespect, slow reactions, people who show them their own faults. They hate listening, they prefer talking.


Cancers can't stand unkempt rooms, as well as excessive sincerity. They get agitated whenever someone rushes them and by people who only speak about themselves.

Representatives of the zodiac sign of Leo get agitated if someone thinks them to be stupid. They hate it when someone doesn't laugh at their jokes or when someone complains about something. Leo doesn't like giving loans and has no tolerance for their partner's jealousy.

Virgos can't stand people who live in messy homes and ones who wear unironed clothes. They dislike inhospitable people, for their own home is always open for all their friends.

Libras despise vulgar jokes, prominent liars, as well as people who press them with ultimatums. They get agitated whenever they receive cheap gifts.


Scorpio loathes shallow people and visits to the doctor. Hypocrites are Scorpio's enemy #1, followed by liars.

Sagittarius has no love for those who constantly apologize and ones who talk more than they do or think that they can do a better job of something than they.

Capricorn detests inaction more than anything and is annoyed by people who don't put in efforts to make more money. They despise persons who are lower than they on the social ladder, as well as those who are not clear about their priorities.

Aquarians can't stand someone making them do something - they'll do it but only when they decide. The lack of freedom of choice infuriates Aquarius and also when someone points out that he is mistaken.

Pisces dislike people who are alert and happy in the morning because they themselves always complain of lack of sleep. Pisces fume whenever someone doesn't believe them, as well as when someone doesn't thank them about even the smallest gesture.