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How the Different Zodiac Signs Deal with Their Midlife Crisis

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The midlife crisis is something that no one can avoid. It manifests in different ways for different zodiac signs.

If you've not yet experienced your midlife crisis you're a lucky one. Still, it's going to catch up to you sooner or later. That is why it's wise to adequately prepare for all of the difficulties you're going to face as soon as possible.

The critical age range is between 30 and 35 years. But no one can predict exactly when it will kick off or how long it will last. Few are left unaffected by it.

Find out below exactly how each of the zodiac signs experiences this intermediary period.


In this period, Aries falls into a panic that they're never going to have sex again. This is completely silly because their sexual appetites dwindle only after their death. During this midlife crisis, Aries falls into extremes, such as sex marathons, from which he's barely able to catch his breath. What follows is a 2-week period of restraint and recovery and then - another marathon.



The question of "what's all this for? " emerges in his head. Why establish a household at all and wouldn't it be better to drop everything and everyone and head over to Africa? After serious consideration, he decides that it would be extremely expensive and difficult over there, and instead signs up for a gym membership. It expires without Taurus going to it even once. With that ends the midlife crisis as well.


Stay well away from Gemini in a crisis. Susceptible to fatalism throughout their entire life, during a midlife crisis this feeling intensifies doubly. During their midlife crisis they give voice to their inner demons and others seem to obsess over them. As a whole, they demonstrate an utter lack of concern regarding their surrounding world. Even if you're dying in the street in front of them, they'd simply jump over you and continue on their way.


Their midlife crisis is perhaps the most unpleasant of all. At this age they realize that the situation is a matter of now or never. This awakens their decisiveness and, if they don't fulfill the dreams they've been keeping deep inside for years, they risk exploding. They write a book, start a sheep farm or sign up for a strange class - this helps them get through the period more easily. Others around them may not be happy about it because they're used to Cancer caring for and spoiling them.


They want everything - here and now. During their crisis, their passions reach pathological levels. In themselves, Leos find all kinds of diseases and experience all of their symptoms even if they're not actually present. He looks so hard to find himself that he's guaranteed to get lost somewhere along the way. You can even find him in a brothel - this is an inseparable part of his crisis. If you're part of his social circle, take care that you don't end up in a madhouse or jail because of him. Whether you want to or not, he'll find a way to complain to you about his circumstances.



Virgo's midlife crisis leads her to believe that everything good is on its way to disappearing. Her youth is over, while she hasn't yet done some of the most important things, such as fall madly in love for example. Horror floods her mind and turns off her analytical thinking. Next comes a several-month sexual binge which can even last years. When the crisis ends, Virgo returns back to normal and realizes what she's done. At that point comes the regret. If they have a partner, they apologize for the rest of their lives.


Truly lucky, they fall into the crisis in stages. It all starts in kindergarten, when they ask themselves: Is this who I am? They spend their entire lives seeking the answer to this question, so nothing fundamentally changes during their crisis. Libras continue to doubt and delve within, falling into euphoria, then paranoia and the cycle repeats. This can't be treated.


Their crisis is a frightening one - they try to poison themselves with their own poison. You thought Scorpio was scary thus far? During their midlife crisis you'll meet the real Devil. But he is worthy of pity because his soul conceals an even deeper darkness.



No one would have thought that he could ever settle down. But that's exactly what happens during his midlife crisis. Sagittarius becomes such a serious defender of moral and family values that others around him start wishing he would once again fly among his pink clouds and stop lecturing them.


Iron individuals with an infallible will, during their crisis they turn completely spineless. During this period, Capricorn cannot and does not want to do anything. But don't tell it to their face because they won't have lost their language skills and they will annihilate you. The good thing is Capricorn starts becoming unpleasant even to himself and then pulls himself together.


The word "old" brings him sheer terror. Just saying that word freezes his blood. Aquarius is obsessed with the idea of being young forever which is why he devotes himself to a healthy way of life. He jogs, drinks smoothies, undergoes plastic surgery but never asks the question "why".


Everyone sometimes regrets their wasted years but for Pisces this leads to a total loss of personality. Innately sullen and closed off in their inner world, they don't even show signs that they've fallen into a crisis. And then one beautiful day you'll see their bared teeth, aggression and stubbornness. And so after their midlife crisis you'll have an Aries in your home, not a Pisces. Or maybe a Scorpio. And in the worst case scenario - a Virgo. In fact, Pisces can transform into any number of things, each one more terrifying than the last.