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What the Zodiac Signs Lie About


All of us lie. For some this is an innocent distortion of the truth, for others it's a way of life. If someone tells you that they don't lie - know that they've lied in your face right there.

Each zodiac sign has its own characteristic way of not telling the truth. Some of them lie more than others. Here's how you can tell:


Representatives of this sign usually lie to get out of an embarrassing situation. Their goal is to save themselves. They don't like appearing ignorant or irresponsible, which is why they say things that make them look knowledgeable.


Taureans are penny pinchers. They lie in order to retain their wealth. Even if they've received their paycheck or a bonus, they would rather say that they don't have a single dime. Even if they are willing to go for miles just to do you a favor, the second the subject of money is brought up you may as well forget about them.


Geminis lie the most. They don't tell the truth in order to gain the upper hand in every possible situation. Typically, they are the kings of fabrications.


Representatives of this sign are not good at lying. They are known for rather sparing the truth than outright lying. Whenever they can't say the truth, they prefer to keep silent.

Zodiac Signs


Leos love being the center of attention and that is why they lie - to stand out. Reputation is everything to them and that is why all of their lies are aimed in that direction.


Female Virgos avoid lying. They are organized and a lie has no place in the order of things. Male Virgos, on the other hand, are the kings of lies. If you don't believe them, you may incur their wrath.


Libras love peace and quiet. They would not lie to you to gain advantage. Quite the contrary - their lies serve the sole purpose of being left alone.


For Scorpios, the truth corresponds to their own advantage. To convince you of it, representatives of this sign will manipulate you in the shameless of ways.


Sagittarii love to be right all the time and their actions to be definitive. To achieve these goals, they will say whatever is necessary, even if it is a complete fabrication.


Capricorns lie for fun. Representatives of this sign will lie just to enjoy the pleasure of the embarrassing situations you will find yourself in after hearing their words. Often they even do this unknowingly.


If an Aquarius lies to you this means that they do not trust you at all. They are the most suspicious sign. That is why they prefer not to tell the truth, instead of revealing something about themselves.


Pisces live in their own little world. To make you a part of it, they will say whatever is necessary for you to believe them.