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What Does the Horoscope Portend for March?


The month of March will pass under the influence of Mars, which will be traveling through Aries. In the first half of the month, Venus too will be moving in the fire sign, then it will change over into Taurus.

Aries - An ideal month for signing contracts

You'll be quick to anger and many things in your daily life will irritate you. To make up for this, your organizational skills and activity will reach their highest peak. The month is ideal for signing new contracts and making new deals. For lonely Aries, a period of meeting many new people and romance lies ahead, while those in a relationship will face drama and jealousy.


Taurus - Avoid virtual contacts

A very successful month awaits you. You'll surround yourself with positive people, with whom communication will go smoothly and you'll feel in your place in their company. Avoid virtual contacts because you'll end up disappointed from them. Avoid conflicts and unfounded jealousy in love because they will cause problems.

Gemini - Don't pursue unrealistic goals

This month, Geminis are advised not to take risks and not pursue unreachable goals because they may end up losing what they already have. Take a serious look at your health and home, making changes to feel comfortable and cozy. When it comes to love, expect complete harmony with the other person.

Cancer - You'll help the people around you

Throughout March, you'll have to help people who have fallen into complicated situations due to their naiveness and neglect. You'll also make attempts to take small steps toward your dreams. In love, expect a period of peace and mutual understanding, with a dose of romance added in.

Leo - Realism will protect you this month

Your attitude will be quite practical this month and you will only do things which you are convinced will become realized. Your realism in your daily life will help protect you from manipulation and negative people's efforts to hinder you. Lonely Leos can expect to meet new people at get-togethers with friends, while those in a relationship will enjoy a period of complete happiness.

Virgo - Quarrels with your partner lie ahead


This month you'll do excellent in improvisations and contacts with others. Don't let worries and anxiety stop you, risk boldly instead. Quarrels are expected in the relationship with your partner due to your tendency to share your personal problems with everyone.

Libra - Do not postpone your obligations

Any attempts to postpone your obligations this month will negatively impact you. You must not stray from the tasks at hand or panic when the deadlines near. Your love relationships will be filled with passion in March but with many onsets of jealousy, with which you may hurt their partner.

Scorpio - A bright period of love to come

You may end up hurting some of the people close to you this month since they will be expecting compassion and understanding from you but you won't take their problems seriously. Your love life will be filled with bright and unforgettable moments. If you are single, you will attract quite an unusual person to yourself. Non-singles will become more capricious and demanding toward their partner.

Sagittarius - It's time for changes

March will be the perfect month for changes. If something in your surroundings is not to your liking, look for ways to alter it. Tension will be all around you the entire month but even so you will be able to handle it. As far as love, problems may arise in communication with your partner. Be calm and avoid insignificant arguments.

Capricorn - Concerns and anguish throughout the month


A whole lot of concerns and worries will stockpile this month. You'll be expected to make radical decisions about your future; it is recommended that you consult with your family and friends. Anguish is anticipated in Capricorn's love life as well, with those in relationships trying to perfect their partner, while singles will be completely tortured by their loneliness.

Aquarius - A period of complete tranquility lies ahead

The 1st month of spring will be very tranquil for you. You won't be facing huge problems, maintaining a sense of humor for every misunderstanding. Harmony and peace will reign supreme in love as well, while your everyday life will be brimming with passion and romance.

Pisces - Unexpected events will charge you with energy

Many unexpected events will befall you this month. However, this will unleash an energy within you, with which you will realize the greater part of your plans with ease. You'll take the initiative when it comes to love. Share your feelings and desires brazenly with the person by your side.