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What Does the Horoscope Portend for the Month of April?

Monthly horoscope

Beginning April 18, Mars will be in retrograde, when its apparent backward movement as seen from the Earth will begin from the sign of Sagittarius and continue into Scorpio. From those days on, the risk of accidents and failures will be at it highest.

Aries - Be sensible and don't make hasty decisions

In April you'll have to be more cautious than usual, staying clear from any risky activities that can cause you physical injury. If you're dreaming of parachute or bungee jumping, put it off for a different month. You're also not advised to make any conclusive decisions related to your job, place of residence, love relationship. You'll succumb to your emotions more easily, right in April when they won't be pointing in the right direction. To avoid big mistakes, be more sensible and less impulsive.


Taurus - Don't take out large loans

Throughout the month you'll have to make serious decisions regarding your financial future. You'll hesitate seriously before you even spend a dime because it doesn't look like you're going to have opportunities for additional income, while your expenses will keep increasing. Even though you won't have any shortage of financial worries, organize yourself well and try not to take out large loans. Loans will be more difficult to pay off during this period.

Gemini - Be careful not to lose your job

April will be a key month for your professional growth. Prepare for huge surprises, a great part of which will be unpleasant. But whether this will affect your career in any severe way depends on your ability to adapt to changes and work under pressure. By suppressing your anger and reacting prudently you'll maintain your stability. But if you give in to your emotional reactions there is a serious risk of you kissing your job goodbye.

Cancer - Don't travel

Don't undertake any important trips during the month of April because retrograde Mars will create obstacles for each and every one of them. The risk of accidents this month is huge and even though you're setting off with the idea of having fun, this simply won't happen, quite the opposite - you'll experience considerable distress. Try to maintain your balance at work and in your love relationship and don't have an outburst over every little discrepancy because this will have a negative influence on your relationships with others.

Leo - Expect changes at work

Your work will demand more serious efforts throughout April if you wish to successfully finish your projects. Focus on your personal work obligations during the next few days and don't rush to help others without first finishing these. You'll receive the necessary support from friends and family so you get through this busier work period. Take care not to miss important details in your projects and get ready for changes that will turn your everyday life upside down.


Virgo - You'll avoid problems if you're reasonable

Throughout the new month you will be dealing mainly with love issues and it's likely you'll neglect other important aspects of your life. Misunderstandings may arise between you and your partner, ones that will be important to clear up but this doesn't mean ignoring your finances. You can rely on your common sense type of nature to resolve your problems with it by the end of the month. Your love life will be in bloom at the end of the month.

Libra - Don't take on several assignments at once

You have big plans for this month but in order to successfully complete everything you'll have to prioritize them. You're not going to make it if you work on several things at once, you'll just stress out more. Additionally, each one of your projects requires your full attention, not a quick glance. You won't face any great pitfalls in the next few days, with even ill-wishers leaving you to work in peace.

Scorpio - Be sensible and don't make hasty decisions

Incredible opportunities for increasing your finances and properties will open before you in April. But these proceeds won't pop out of thin air, you will need to work hard and seriously for them. But every effort you make will be doubly rewarded and you'll noticeably improve your state by the end of the month. There don't appear to be any serious conflicts in the family setting and for the first time in a long while you'll enjoy a peaceful and quiet period.

Sagittarius - Trust your own, not another's opinion

From the very start of the month you'll notice your luck leaving you. Don't take on risky tasks while Mars is retrograde in your sign because there's a high chance of them ending in failure. Rely only on your own judgement and don't trust others' opinions because they will be misleading in April. If you follow the advice given by retrograde Mars, the month will pass without any immense shakeups.


Capricorn - Expect opportunities for professional growth

Opportunities for professional growth and increasing your material wealth will appear in April. Your family and close friends will help you grow by revealing opportunities you had not noticed before. In the coming days you'll enjoy understanding with those around you, while your friends serve you up all kinds of wonderful surprises. This month isn't suitable for changing your address and even if you're positively sure of you decision, wait until the start of summer before you move to a new place.

Aquarius - You'll receive a bonus for your work

This month you can count on your luck, especially in the financial aspect, for you may receive a sudden and solid bonus for your work. Even though you'll have plenty of expenses in the new month as well, you'll have enough money to cover them and not fall into financial hardship. You're going to have a tranquil period in your love and family settings, and even if issues do come up they'll be resolved the same day.

Pisces - Work responsibly and with pizzazz

If you work with dedication and vitality you'll reap tremendous rewards in your career during the month of April. But to grow professionally however, you will have to work seriously and not turn down any work assignments. Only in this way will you make a good impression in your bosses and earn a raise. All will be quiet in family relations this month, while you enjoy mutual support and understanding.