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What Does it Mean if Your Ears are Burning?

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Superstitions have been intertwined with our daily lives since time immemorial. A superstition is a belief or notion born of an attempt to understand the incomprehensible.

Sometimes it can even contradict what you see with your own eyes. Superstition is a way to explain messy situations through a game without rules, in order to bring luck.

After all, superstition is an unshakable belief, that we shouldn't try to overturn. It doesn't bother anyone and makes life at least a little more bearable.

Burning ears

One of the oldest superstitions is about the sensation of burning ears. There isn't a person who has not heard, that if their ears are burning, someone is necessarily talking about them. It is believed that if your right ear is burning - good things are being said about you and if it is the left - they are slandering you.

In other places, they say it in a different way - if your right ear burns, luck awaits you. When the left ear burns, you will hear gossip about yourself;

If your ears itch or burn, then someone is talking about you; If your ears are burning, someone is gossiping about you. Hit you behind and they're talking nice about you, good things will happen to them, if they're talking bad about you, the negativity will be sent back their way.

Burning of the ear enters the group of "Itches, taps, knocks" and other subdivisions of superstition. This group also includes some of them (quite strange and even ridiculous) - the following axioms:

- If you nose itches, you will get beat up. For it not to happen, someone has to hit you three times on the arm.

- When your nose itches, in order not to quarrel with someone, you have to slap your hand as many times as you scratched yourself.

- If you see a dead animal on the road, you should grab your hair, so it doesn't fall out, until you pass the sight.

- When you talk about something bad, that you don't want to happen - knock on wood.

- When you see a pregnant woman, you have to pinch the hand of the person next to you and the first man who talks to you has feelings for you.

- When you are walking down the street with someone close and/or familiar and you are separated by a pole, etc., you must say "Hello". Otherwise you will fight.

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