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What Does a Car, Bus and Train Symbolize in a Dream?

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Dreams with automobiles, trains and other modes of transportation are among the most common ones that people have, shows a study by psychologist Ian Wallace. His research provides an accurate interpretation of these types of dreams.

Through modes of transportation, our subconsciousness is showing us how we're managing our lives. There are 2 important things to consider when interpreting them - whether you're in control of the vehicle and whether you know where you're going.

When traveling to a particular destination in your dream, it means you have clearly defined life goals and are purposefully headed toward them.

If you're driving a car in your dream, it signifies that you're keeping your life under control and aren't easily influenced by circumstances. You're confident in your abilities and rely on them more than miracles.

People who often dream that they're driving require independence, they are decisive and goal-oriented.


If you're driving a car but have no idea where you're going, this is most likely true in real life as well. Small problems or temporary circumstances are distracting you from what's important to you and your subconscience is reminding you of this.

Traveling in a train is a dream frequently had by social people, who have need of adventures. This sort of dream is an indication that you have a strong need of something different. It is also possible that you have lost some of your confidence.

If you're missing a train in your dream, you've most likely missed a good opportunity in real life and still cannot accept this fact. The lighter the color of the train, the more important the missed opportunity was for you.

If you dream that you're waiting for a bus, it's highly likely you're finding it difficult to determine your life's goals and are waiting for some sort of sign to show you which way to go.

If you're riding in the wrong bus, your subconscience is trying to show you that you've made the wrong decision and are going the wrong way.

If the bus is going past you, you're going to be fighting for your dreams against people who aren't going to agree with you. If you're the bus driver in your dream, you're the leader of the group in reality.