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In Which Country We Can Find the Love of our Life According to the Zodiac

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Zodiac Signs

Certain countries around the world can make you lucky in love. If you trust in your zodiac sign and travel to the corresponding country, it's highly likely you'll meet the person of your dreams.

Aries - Great Britain, Venezuela and Germany

Visit these 3 countries if you're a representative of the 1st star sign of the zodiac - they are your lucky ones. Look for publishers, teachers or scientists among the people you meet.


Taurus - Egypt, Switzerland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, United Arab Emirates

Taureans are extremely likely to meet their future spouse in one of these countries, especially if they go to a formal social gathering.

Gemini - the US, Greece and Romania

Luck will be on your side in love if you visit one of these nations. To be absolutely happy in love, seek a person with a nonstandard profession, who will provide you the necessary changes and freedom.

Cancer - India, Lithuania and Holland

The stars indicate that you'll have the most successful marriage with a person you meet in one of these 3 countries. You'll feel great with a person with a spiritual profession, such as a priest or psychoanalyst.

Leo - France, Italy and Spain

You have the greatest chance of finding a partner with whom you'll feel understands you completely in these countries. Look for someone that has the same level of education and social status as you.

Virgo - Japan, Latvia, Switzerland or Germany

Your big love is found somewhere in these nations but even if you fall in love head-over-heels don't forget your common sense; it would be wise to think about a prenuptial agreement before the wedding.

Libra - Great Britain, China and New Zealand

You'll experience the most luck in love in one of these 3 countries. Look for a journalist, writer or store-keeper so that you're fully satisfied and happy in your love life.

Scorpio - Turkey, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq or Cuba

In these countries you'll find people who have quite a temperamental and whimsical character, which Scorpios love. Seek a partner who has their own place.

Sagittarius - Georgia, Mongolia, Poland, Argentina or Mexico


If you meet a person in one of these countries, your relationship will be brimming with passion and acts demonstrating your strong feelings. You'll be happiest with someone with an artistic profession - artist, singer, actor.

Capricorn - Estonia, Saudi Arabia or Norway

Capricorns are destined to find their true love amidst their coworkers, especially if they visit one of their lucky countries on a business trip. Their relationship will be more solid and long lasting if their partner is older.

Aquarius - Canada or Australia

For Aquarians it's also important to build a friendship with their partner. Based on the stars, they'll find the ideal partner in Canada or Australia, while being truly happy with an artist or lawyer.

Pisces - Israel or Thailand

Pisces' true love awaits them in Israel or Thailand. They need to look for a person with a solid profession with decent income, such as a banker or financier.