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Superstitions About Money

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Money superstitions

Since ancient times people have believed in various superstitions related to money.

Not everyone believes in them, but one of the most widespread superstitions in the world of money is that when you receive money, it needs to stay in your home overnight before you begin to spend it. This way, money will accumulate in your home.

When you find a coin, it's luck. You must not spend this particular coin so you don't lose your luck. It must be kept in your pocket or purse so it can attract more money.


Make a talisman from the coin - it is placed in a small red pouch of cloth and carried in a pocket. The talisman attracts more money in this fashion.

Another way to attract money is to always carry a small coin in your purse or wallet, which is labeled as lucky. Never spend it.

Financial luck is also brought by a brand new note, which always stays in the wallet. This bill should not be of large denomination, because one can hardly resist not to spend it. The new bill, which should have absolutely no folds or creases, will attract money to your wallet.

A loan is never given in the evening- it is an old superstition whereby lent money will not come back soon, and there will be a lack of money for many months. According to superstition money is never loaned after the sun goes down - it's a bad omen for the future of the money.


Money is loaned in the morning, but never on Mondays - in that case, during the entire week, you will keep on giving, rather than making money. If you lend in the morning, they will come back quickly, and besides that, money will accumulate in your home.

On Monday, do not pay bills and do not spend money on big purchases - such as a car. This can lead to financial ruin for some time, as money given on Monday stops the flow of other money coming into the home.

To always have money in the home, every Monday, early in the morning, throw three coins in the hallway right in front of the front door. Thus, the week will be off to a great start financially.

These coins are not swept with a broom from the floor but are instead lifted with your fingers on Monday evening and wrapped in a red cloth. After one week, the ritual is repeated.