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Attract Money to your Home and Office with a Three Legged Money Frog!

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Money Frog

The Three Legged Frog is one of the most powerful charms in the Chinese teachings of Feng Shui. If you place it in the right place it will bring money and prosperity to your home.

The Money Frog, as it's better known, depicts a delightful frog standing on a pile of coins. There is always 1 coin sticking out of its mouth.

The Three Legged Frog is quite a famous symbol and one of the most revered in Chinese teachings. The best place for it in the home is the southeastern part. According to Feng Shui, that is the area where the financial torrents are activated. If placed in the office, it's best to keep it on your desk. If you'd like prosperity for everyone in the office, place it in a hallway or right at the entrance but never facing the door itself. This can repel the money out. Additionally, there must not be any mirrors there either.

The rule in Feng Shui is that the more expensive the charm, the more finances it will attract. There's all kinds of Money Frogs in various sizes and crafted from various materials. Experts say that the more beautiful your Three Legged Frog is, the more finances it will pull in.

A frog made of crystal is the most effective, besides material wealth it also brings spiritual advancement. The Chinese are maximalists when it comes to Feng Shui and are adamant that a person must have 9 Three Legged Frogs in their home. They would ensure financial well-being for years on end.

Like the beliefs pertaining to handbags and wallets that they must never be placed on the ground, this also applies to Money Frogs. They must always be up high. The lower they are, the more their power wanes. If a Money Frog is way too close to the floor it can cause finances to dwindle away.