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Saturday is Under the Influence of Saturn! Advice for the Day

Antonia R.Antonia R.

In astrology, Saturn is considered a karmic planet - the one responsible for paying us back for deeds we've done. The day it rules over is Saturday, which is also the suitable time to focus on certain issues.

Saturn is the planet physically responsible for our teeth, bones, nails, joints and spinal cord. Although serious, rigid and strictly following the rules, it has many positive sides as well.

The planet can be extremely spiritual, expressing qualities such as justice, wisdom, responsibility, patience, hope and discipline.

Advice for the day under the patronage of Saturn includes focusing on material tasks, especially those that can increase our level of comfort and open new opportunities before us for extra money.

The day is suitable for reviewing the past week - what you managed and failed to do. It's also a time to relax your mind, unwind and slow things down a bit.

Sad Woman

Saturday is also prime for throwing out everything old and unneeded from your home. Think about who could make use of the possessions you no longer use.

We should use the day to develop patience and consistency inside of us. This means accepting everything that's happening with an air of calm and seeing it as an opportunity for growth, not as punishment.