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The influence of the phases of the moon on humans - 11-20 lunar day

Nina NordNina Nord
phases of the moon

The eleventh lunar day is one of the most powerful energy days of the lunar month. It brings good luck, but you should carefully consider before making a final decision concerning business. On this day, do not kill insects and sharp objects dropped from the table portend trouble. It is an auspicious date for a wedding. The patron stone of the day is opal.

The twelfth lunar day is not recommended for clarifying relationships. Broken dishes bring bad luck that day. This is the ideal time for completion of ongoing projects, as well as for a wedding. The stone patron of the day are white and pink pearls.

Thirteenth lunar day is perfect for learning and group work. The day is not suitable for new ventures, and marriage. Pink Quartz protects you from evil on that day.

Fourteenth lunar day is favorable for important business matters, and to strengthen family relationships. On that day, most suicides happen, because people are obsessed with unresolved grief. It is unfavorable for a wedding. Stone patron of this day is Moonstone.

Fifteenth lunar day is considered satanic and characterized by yielding to temptation. This day has the most cheating. It is not recommended to eat apples that day. You can get married on this day and light blue agate stone will protect.

Sixteenth lunar day is the day of justice and harmony. You will feel a rush of energy. Do not eat mushrooms that day. The day was perfect for a new job and marriage. Emerald will keep you safe in that day.

Seventeenth lunar day is a day of mystery, great time for implementation of important cases and endeavors. Auspicious day for marriage. The stone patron of the day is amethyst.

Eighteenth lunar day is passive and difficult for most people. There may be some possible problems at work, so you need to be discreet and prudent. The day is suitable for weddings, its stone patron is white agate.

Nineteenth lunar day is a day that one should not start anything new, as well as get married. There is no going out in the late hours. Stone patron of the day is garnet.

Twentieth lunar day is a day of testing karmic and spiritual insights. This is the perfect day for cultivation. Not recommended to make a conclusion to important deals. You can get married on that day. On that day, beware of overloading your liver. Red jasper is the patron of the day.