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What Should Not be Given as a Gift

Nina NordNina Nord
Pearl necklace

The superstitions associated with gifts are somewhat frightening. Many gifts cause negative consequences according to ancient superstitions, so there are things that should not be given as gifts.

Cutting and sharp objects are not given as gifts - knives, scissors, needles, pins. According to the ancient Chinese, such a gift literally cuts the human aura in two and according to the ancient Slavs, this gift portends quarrels and separation.

A handkerchief also portends separation if a woman gives it to a man. The giving of candles, which is quite common, especially at Christmas and New Year, according to ancient beliefs predicts the burial of a loved one.

A large mirror is never given as a gift. According to superstition, mirrors store the energy of aging, so everyone should choose a large mirror for their home.

All women love pearls, but according to an ancient superstition pearls portend many troubles and tears to the woman to whom they are gifted to and they will be, because of the one who gifted them to her.

Before a wedding, the newlyweds should not give each other books as gifts, because this foretells their imminent separation.


Giving watches as gifts is considered a big blunder, as according to superstition, the watch tells the time you have left until you die and this is a reminder of that fact.

Pets are never given away, they are sold. They can be sold for a small price, but they must be bought. Otherwise, you will quarrel with the person who gives it to you and the animal will soon die.

Many women like to gift their men briefs and socks when they are wondering what to choose for them. Moreover, such a gift is not very expensive, but useful.

But according to ancient superstitions, giving socks as a gift portends that the man will soon leave home and giving briefs or boxers as a gift - that the man will soon cheat on his partner.