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Antique mirrors - doors to parallel worlds

Antique mirrors - doors to parallel worlds

Antique items such as Furniture, Paintings and mirrors, have a kind of biofield, incorporating details of all its previous owners for decades and centuries. In most cases this biofield is neutral and does not threaten its new owner. But it happens that an old painting, furniture, and more often a mirror, do begin to broadcast them in an accumulated negative energy, which reflects extremely negatively on their new owners. Some even argue that the old door mirrors appear to other, parallel worlds.

Using mirror spells can do amazing things, including a trip behind the mirror itself or inside the mirror. The famous Russian historian A.Nizovski gives an example of the following case.

In the spring of 1923 in a densely populated communal house in Petrograd, St. Petersburg, settled a grim and lonely man named Emelyanov. As he was disabled in the World War he received a miserable pension, nowhere to work and returned home only to sleep.

Antique mirrors - doors to parallel worlds

Once a neighbor who Emelyanov met in the hallway, noticed that he was unusually impassioned. One late evening in his apartment mysterious events started to happen; strange lights were appearing coming out of the mirror in the room. Simultaneously, all family members in the neighboring lodge felt the anxiety.

Just at midnight in the left edge of the mirror suddenly appeared a human figure. In the beginning it was blurry and barely noticeable, but it slowly began to move toward the opposite end of the mirror.

In the middle of this mirror the figure has clear lines and even the image is increased. It already may be recognized as a man, and it was Emelyanov. His hands hung lifeless on the side of the body and in his right hand held a long knife. His head fell on his chest, but his eyes show that his deathly frightening sight is directed upwards somewhere. Passing the middle of the mirror the image of Emelyanov decreased and went blurred again.

According to notes of Nizovski, this picture is observed in all the rooms whose occupants were asleep and panic occurred. The neighbors in the dozens set of to Emelyanov's apartment, but his door was locked. They broke the door and saw him sitting in his chair. At first they thought he was dead and then astounded the neighbors saw the mirror hanging on the opposite wall reflecting the chair the chair the Emelyanov was sitting in. The reflection showed the chair was empty.

Confusion occurred among the people. Only warning from the sight of the empty reflection in the mirror appeared Emelyanov's figure with a knife in his hand. At this moment the "corpse" was alive and he stirred. One neighbor failed to catch the mirror as the overblown sound of the broken glass shattered all over Emelyanov's body. He fell to the ground and this time was really dead!

The next day one saw at night that there were all cracked mirrors in the house. And in one of the rooms they found Strelnikov who had been murdered. He was slain with a knife. The door of his room was locked from inside and the mirror was also broken to pieces.