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Find out Your Lucky Flower Based on Zodiac Sign

Jana G.Jana G.

Each and every zodiac sign is linked to a particular plant; that is to say, individuals born under a certain sign are affected most by a particular plant. If you keep plants suited to your sign in your home, you will feel magnificent and luck will always be with you.

Flowers suitable for Aries are any red ones and ones which please the eye with their colors during the winter. Poinsettia, geranium, begonia are all fine choices for Aries.

Taurus needs a plant that is beautiful and grabs the eye. Kalanchoe is suitable for representatives of this sign.

Persons born under Gemini would feel superb with pretty, yet unobtrusive plants, that complement the air of coziness in their home. These include more intricate ferns with leaves that look like lace. Asparagus is also appropriate for Gemini.

The bright colors of fuchsia best suit those born under Cancer. Aloe vera and agave are plants that charge Cancer with energy and bring him harmony, peace and luck.

Leo feels good in the company of flamboyant and lush plants. Examples include camellias, hydrangeas and gardenias.


Virgo, one of the most practical signs of the zodiac, feels outstanding when there's a real mandarin tree in his home. Besides pleasing the eye with its dazzling orange fruits, it will charge Virgo with energy and actually meet his aesthetic criteria.

Orchids and chrysanthemums are suitable for Libras. When these elegant flowers find presence in their home, those born under Libra seem to live to the fullest.

Scorpio is charged by oleander, so it's always a great idea to have these magnificent plants in your home if you're a representative of this sign.

Sagittarii need something to remind them that they don't like staying in one place for too long - that's where philodendron comes in, with its aerial roots. Another plant appropriate for Sagittarius is Dracaena.

For Capricorn, Ficus is best - it allows for representatives of this sign to always feel at peace.

Aquarius feels harmony all around when he grows bonsai in his home.

Hyacinths and petunias are suitable for Pisces. Not only are they charming to look at but they possess a refined fragrance, making those born under this sign feel in complete harmony with the entire world.